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Academic English: Listening Resources

All our listening tests  are created from a variety of different types of listening websites. The tests are note-taking practice with a set of questions.

Academic English Ted Talk tests

Listening Tests

Academic listening tests with a range of questions types. 10-15 minutes. Click here.

Academic English BBC 6 minute listening tests

BBC English

30+ listenings based on news and current affairs. Open questions. Click here.

Academic English Harvard Business review listening tests

HBR Tests

Harvard Business Review – short three minute business listening tests. Click here.

Academic English TED Talks listening worksheets

TED Talks

14+ TED TALK lectures. A range of different topics with open questions.  Click here.

Academic English You Tube academic lecture listenings

Listening lectures

40-50 minute ‘real’ lectures from Stanford, Harvard, Oxford Universities. Click here.

Academic English Pronunciation worksheets

AEUK Listenings

A whole range of different listenings on lots of different topics. Click here.


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Academic English: Writing Resources

Useful advice on all areas of writing skills at university. We write our own argument essays to help students to identify key ideas and supporting details.

Academic English writing skills

Writing Skills

Everything to do with academic writing. Referencing to paragraphing. Click here.

Academic English writing argument essays

Argument essays

10x two-sided argument essays – general and academic texts 400+ words. Click here.

Academic English Situation problem solution evaluation essays

SPSE essays

 SPSE: Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation essay writing. Click here.

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Academic English: Reading Resources

Academic English UK write their own reading texts. These readings improve reading skills, enhance understanding and most of all develop critical thinking.

Academic English presentations

Reading Tests

AEUK reading tests. Academic texts with a variety of question types. Click here.

Academic English debates at university


Read, identify the main points & write a  summary. Click here

academic English seminars for university English


Different reading texts and exercises to improve reading skills. Click here.

Academic English: Speaking Resources

Lots of advice and ideas on how to develop academic speaking skills. How to give a good presentation, or how to run and participate in a debate or seminar. 

Academic English presentations


 Academic presentations, signposting language and delivery tips.              Click here.

Academic English debates at university


Academic debating at university, debate phrases and key processes. Click here.

academic English seminars for university English


Seminars are small group discussions. Seminar phrases and advice.            Click here.

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