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The Gig Economy PDF Lesson Book #20


This blog offers six lessons all based on the Gig Economy. AEUK has just started to write its own reading texts and lectures with the idea of focusing on one key topic area and using that topic to apply a number of academic English skills. The lessons have all been used in EAP classes and have proved to be very successful through continuity of theme and focus. You can buy the book or individual lessons. Link:

Everything is explained on the webpage.

Hope you like it & find this useful. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

The Gig Economy - PDF Lesson book

The gig economy lessons
This blog provides a number of lessons based on the Gig Economy. There is over 6-hours of lesson content here. It starts through a discussion of well-known Gig companies and students internet research a specific gig company. This then leads into a definition of 'The Gig Economy' using a dictogloss (a …

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