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Listening Circles:

Student-led class activity

Hi Everyone,

I discovered 'Listening Circles' this summer on a pre-sessional course and they were very successful in encouraging students to engage more deeply with lecture listening. In fact, I was very surprised how well they worked so I'd like to share this with you all.

The basic idea is that students form groups (Listening Circles) and approach lectures through having a specific role (i.e language, context, delivery, structure). After the lecture, the students create a discussion and share their findings with the other members and then together 'repack' the lecture to identify the main ideas and areas for further research.

These lessons are very student-led with the lecture choice, role setting and discussion stages all controlled by the students. Generally, as a teacher you feel a little redundant but the initial set up and general passive monitoring plays a significant role.

The worksheet is £0:60p but for one week only it is free to all our wonderful subscribers - with thanks. Free download link

Hope you like it!
All the best,
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