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Academic Dictogloss #15

We've been working on these for about a year - they have now been fully tested and work with great success. Dictoglosses were quite common in English teaching in the 1990s and seem to be gaining popularity again now. Personally, they are a great way to activate a new topic, engage students and use all key skills. A 'dictogloss' is a three sentence dictation that learners listen to and take notes, and then reconstruct the text in small groups. There is a free lesson and video to get you started. Try something different!

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Key author
Wajnryb, Ruth (1990). Grammar dictation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Academic Dictogloss

dictogloss AEUK
LISTENING  /  Writing / Dictogloss  Dictogloss - classroom dictation A dictogloss is a classroom dictation activity where learners are required to construct a short text (3 sentences) by listening and taking notes, which are then used to reconstruct the text. There are many key skills used in this type of lesson; listening, note-taking, communication with other students, grammar and vocabulary development.  …

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