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economic inequality
Hi Everyone,

It's been a busy week here at AEUK. We've written and produced two new exciting lessons on the topic of 'Economic Inequality': an academic lecture and an academic reading text. Go here

The lecture explores unfair wealth distribution, how the past has affected the present and the current debate surrounding inequality. The lecture includes a video, a PPT and worksheet (see example).

The reading text focuses on how inequality is measured, social mobility and possible solutions. The lesson includes a worksheet (see example).

Both lessons include worksheets that test the students ability of comprehension through a variety of question-types (headings, T/F/NG, short-answers, reference words, summaries and vocabulary). Great lessons - highly motivating and challenging!

For more information and the downloads Go here

Hope you like it!
All the best,
Newsletter #34

Economic Inequality Video

Economic Inequality Video

Economic Inequality Blog (downloads)

What is economic inequality? This lesson provides a listening and reading text on economic inequality. It discusses the keys issues and offers possible solutions. Both texts are very engaging and highly motivating...
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