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This is a great speaking lesson that involves defining ‘academic integrity’, looking at how other universities address academic integrity, and understanding some of the key principles associated with the term (example of lesson).

The lesson is designed to promote the positive values of honesty, trust, respect, responsibility and fairness within the academic community.

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What is ‘Academic Integrity’ ?

Here are two university definitions on the key principles and values of academic integrity:

When considering academic integrity, the discussion tends to revolve around cheating, plagiarism, dishonesty, fraud, and other academic malpractice and how best to prevent these behaviors. A more productive approach entails a focus on promoting the positive values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage as the intrinsically motivated drivers for ethical academic practice. (International Center for Academic Integrity, 2019).

Academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. The University takes all reported incidences of academic misconduct seriously and seeks to ensure that they are dealt with efficiently and appropriately. Examples are plagiarism, collusion, falsification, cheating, deceit, personation. (Edinburgh University, 2019)

Academic Misconduct: Kinaesthetic Activity.

One part of the download lesson includes using these cards for students to discuss what it is and give appropriate examples. This is then followed up with a writing activity to define these terms.
Academic Integrity Cards AEUK

Professional Proofread.

The final part of the lesson examines what is acceptable and not acceptable for a professional proofread.
professional proofreading

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