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Academic Word List Lessons #14

Happy 2018 Everyone!!
To begin the new year AEUK has created a free lesson download to help develop students' awareness of academic vocabulary and formality. This blog discusses using the AWL sublists individually and provides a cut up word table for each list.

The basic idea:
  • In small groups of 3/4, students try to explain their words using synonyms, explanation and definition without saying the word.
  • At the same time the other students look at the AWL and guess which word is being described. If correct, they win the word.
This is a great lesson to improve academic vocabulary and communication skills.

There are lots of other extra activities offered too.
All the best,

AWL Teaching Words

AWL Lesson words
Academic Word List Teaching Words: A great way to help students develop an understanding of what is considered academic or formal vocabulary is to introduce them to the Academic Word List on a weekly basis. Obviously, it takes time to learn and acquire the words so by using a kinaesthetic activity this can help consolidate the words and make …

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