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Academic Word Formation

& Contextualised Sentences

Hi Everyone,

We have just created a new lesson using the Academic Word List (AWL) and word formation tables. The basic idea is the students are given the base form 'verb' and fill in the corresponding 'nouns' and 'adjectives'. After they have completed the table, they use these words to complete a contextualised gap fill activity - go here.

Rationale: Personally, I use the AWL to help students identify what words are considered formal and academic so this lesson builds on that recognition. It will also develop an understanding of word formation and possible contextualisation of these forms. Overall, any lesson work on vocabulary development will be beneficial in the key reading and writing skills of paraphrasing and summarising.

Claim: I've actually been using this activity type for a number of years and it works really well. Students see the importance in it and are actively engaged.

Hope you like it!
All the best,
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Academic Word Formation

academic word formation
Academic Word List - Word Formation. A great way to help students improve their understanding of the Academic Word List, word formation and use in contextualised sentences. This lesson is designed as a homework activity for students to research words using online dictionaries. …
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