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TED Talk listenings with PPTs & adapted video

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We've been trying to make our listenings more authentic and represent what the students do on university courses. So, we've created lessons around TED Talks using PPT.

Powerpoint slides: The idea is that the students are given the PPT before they listen and add notes to it while listening. This is then followed with a listening worksheet.

Adapted Video: Some TED Talks do not have PPT slides in the lecture, so we have created a powerpoint and video (without the speaker) to accompany the lecture.

Feedback from students is generally very positive due to the fact that they can see they are practising a key skill they need for university.

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TED Talks Powerpoint & Adapted Video Sample

TED Talk: Two reasons why companies fail
Two reasons business 1AEUK
Free worksheet download: here
Two reasons business 2 AEUK
Adapted Powerpoint: Here
Two reason why business fail video AEUK
Adapted video Link:


Print off 3 slides per page
TED Talks PPTs x 3 AEUK


1) Students listen twice and take notes on slides.
2) Give out TED Test worksheet - students have 25 minutes to answer questions using their PPT slide notes.
3) Teacher goes through answers.
4) Students listen again to identify questions they didn't answer or were incorrect [homework?]

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