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Noun Phrases

Noun Phrases in Academic English

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This newsletter / blog focuses on improving students understanding of 'noun phrases'.
Noun phrases are an important part of academic English classroom teaching and are often part of writing marking criteria. This worksheet includes a number of exercises on quantifiers, adjective+noun, noun+noun, noun+prepositions and noun phrase forms.

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Newsletter #45

Noun Phrases

What are noun phrases?
Noun phrase is making the meaning of a noun more precise from the words immediately before (pre-modifying words) or after (post-modifying) it.
Two Types:
1. Pre-modifying words are articles, quantifiers, adjectives and nouns.
2. Post-modifying words are prepositional phrases and noun clauses
1. Quantifiers
All, both, every, many, much, some, few, little, any, either, neither, none, each
Choose the correct quantifier:

i. Each / any / every of the buildings is surrounded by high security fencing.
ii. Every / both / much of the proposed bills were refused by the public.

ANSWERS: i. each / ii. both More exercises on worksheet download
2. Adjective + Nouns
Identify the adjective + noun form:
Example: An experiment done on a small scale = a small-scale experiment

I. Unemployment over a long term can affect a person’s mental health.
ii. An element of pay that is led by performance can be appropriate in some professions.

ANSWERS: i. Long-term unemployment ii. Performance-led pay
3. Noun + Noun
Identify the noun+ noun form:
Example:Gas that comes from Shale = Shale gas

i. Systems that used for defence: _____________________________________________________________________
ii. A manager who is in charge of accounts: _____________________________________________________________________

ANSWERS: i. defence system / ii. accounts manager
4. Noun + Preposition Phrases
Put in the correct preposition:
Example: Public protests can sometimes lead to a change inthe law.

i. A majority of those taking part expressed a preference_________the conservative electoral system.
ii. Sustainable development should form the basis________ a corporate vision of the future.

ANSWERS: i. preference for / ii. basis for
5. Noun + Noun Clauses
Noun clause: noun [fact] + that + noun phrase
The fact [noun]that the enquiry raises a number of serious issues[noun phrase]should surprise no one.

Put in the underlined words into the correct order:
0.Wilson (2019) has hypothesis Mars criticized that the is able to sustain life.

Wilson (2019) has criticized the hypothesis that Mars is able to sustain life.

i.Smith (2018) argues view that the there problems are against with the data system.

ANSWERS: I. Smith (2018) argues against the view that there are problems with the data system

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