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Reading 2 texts & writing an argument essay

This newsletter is introducing you to a new lesson based on developing transferable skills for university. The lesson focuses on students’ ability to read two academic texts and highlight key points connected to arguments for & against. Then to write a 400-600 word argument essay around those key arguments using paraphrasing and referencing skills (click here).

The lesson comprises of teacher's notes, two academic / neutral texts (written by AEUK), one argument for/against plan, two outline structures (block / point-to-point), and a model answer (550 words). It also includes (not shown in example) a highlighted version of the model essay showing how the thesis statement links all the way through the essay, the in-text referencing and counter-argument linking.

Really good lesson. Tried and tested on low and high level students - works well!
Hope you like it!
All the best,
Newsletter #22

Reading and Argument Essay

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 Reading & Argument Essay Writing Reading & Writing Practice This blog provides a great lesson to improve students' ability to read, identify key arguments of for/against and synthesis the arguments in argument essay. Students practise their paraphrasing skills and in-text referencing. The material includes two texts, outline plans and a model essay. Argument Organisation Structure An argument essay structure …

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