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Argument Essays

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Here are 10 argument essays based on a variety of subjects. Five essays are general texts without sources and five are Academic texts with academic sources . Click here

Argument Essay Titles

 To what extent do you agree


  1. University should be free

  2. Animal testing is necessary

  3. Prisons don’t work

  4. Video games encourage violence

  5. Euthanasia should be legal

  6. Nuclear power is a bad investment

  7. Governments are over-spending

  8. Marriage is becoming old-fashioned

  9. Money is the key to happiness

  10. Consumerism is negative

  11. Social media is changing how we communicate

  12. Military service should be compulsory

  13. Education is the key to reduce crime

  14. Parents should choose the careers for their children

  15. Brexit is a mistake.

  16. There is no other life in the universe

  17. GMOs are dangerous and should be banned

  18. More should be done to control Superstar Corporations

  19. Climate Change is a myth

  20. Academic research can’t be trusted

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