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A basic outline of a two-sided essay

Two-sided Argument Outline

The issue
Thesis statement
Overview of essay
Main Body
Counter Arguments




Main Arguments




Restate your thesis statement
Summary of arguments
Your opinion/ recommendations for the future



Two-sided Argument Outline

Background: Parents educate children at home
The issue: Some children find it difficult to fit in school system
Thesis statement: Better to be educated at school
Overview of essay: Look at the arguments for and against
Main Body
Counter Arguments1)work at own rate / concentrate on specific subjects


support: university at 12 or 13

2)protect children against harmful influences

support: truancy / drugs

concluding sentence: School can prevent learning taking place

Main Arguments1)isolated at home


support: socialize and meet people at school / independent / sport and drama

2)More resources / equipment

support – range of subjects / expertise / expensive

3)Parents are not teachers

support: too much time together

concluding sentence: difficult to draw boundaries and affect independence

Restate your thesis statement: School is preferable
Summary of arguments: Home education – aids concentration / protection it fails to develop socializing, a range of resources and possibly professional teaching
Your opinion/ recommendations for the future: Home education ok for disabled / Greater benefits going to school



Should parents educate their children at home.

In Britain parents are now choosing to educate their children at home. This is often because some children find it difficult to fit into the a school system because they are especially gifted or have problems of some kind. However, despite the various arguments that have been put forward for home tutoring, this essay will argue that it is better for a child to be educated at school.

Teaching children at home has a number of advantages. Firstly, parents feel that their children will be able to realise their potential better if they can work at their own rate and concentrate on specific subjects. For example, there have been cases of children who have gone to university as young as twelve or thirteen because they especially gifted and have opted out of the school system. Parents feel that they will also be able to protect their children from harmful influences they may encounter at school if they keep them at home. Problems such as truancy and drugs are common and adolescents particularly can be led astray by their peers. Thus, school can prevent learning to take place effectively.

However, there are also arguments in support of sending children to school rather than educating them at home. First of all, children are isolated at home; at school, on the other hand, they are able to socialise and meet people of different ages and so become increasingly independent. Children also need their peers to do subjects like sports and drama. Another important point is that schools have more resources and equipment than can be provided at home. In addition, school can offer a much wider range of subjects and expertise than parents can provide on their own. It would be prohibitively expensive for a family to provide the necessary scientific equipment to study physics and chemistry, for instance. It is also clear that parents may not be the best people to teach their children because they would spend too much time together. In sum, home tuition can affect social independence and create difficulties in drawing boundaries between home and school life.

On balance it seems that education at school is preferable to learning at home. It is fair to assume that home education aids concentration and protection, it also limits socialising, availability of resources and professional teaching. There may be particular cases in which home tutoring would be advantageous, such as for severely disabled children; however, for the vast majority of children there are greater benefits from going to school.

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