Economic Inequality Listening & Reading

What is economic inequality?

This lesson provides a listening and reading text on economic inequality. The listening explores unfair wealth distribution, how the past has affected the present and the current debate surrounding inequality.  The reading text focuses on how inequality is measured, social mobility and possible solutions. Both texts are very engaging and highly motivating.


Here s the AEUK Video on Economic Inequality:


Economic Inequality- Lecture Listening Lesson

This is a lecture on what is economic inequality, how is wealth distributed, how the past has affected the present and the current debate. It includes a video, test questions and PPT (see example).  Level ***** [B2/C1] / Power Point /  Video [10.00]   / MEMBERSHIP 

Economic Inequality Reading Test


Reading Test: Economic Inequality.

The text defines economic inequality. It discuses differences in income distribution between the rich and poor, it highlights how inequality is measured and offers a range of solutions to address income inequality. The reading test worksheet tests headings, T/F/NG, short answers, summaries and vocabulary (see ExampleLevel ***** [B2/C1] TEACHER MEMBERSHIP


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