Ethical Consumerism Listening

What is ethical consumerism?

This lesson asks the question ‘Do you think consciously about how your products are made where your products come from and how this affects our planet?’  The listening focuses on a definition of the ‘ethical consumer’, associated problems with ethical brands, the ethical consumerism movement and a future recommendation. Very engaging topic and interesting lecture content.


How far are your spending habits affected by your ethical considerations? (Do you support any of these products / services in the image below?)


Here s the AEUK Video on Ethical Consumerism:


Ethical Consumerism – Lecture Listening Lesson

This is a lecture on defining ethical consumerism, the associated problems with consumers and the positive advances in the ethical consumerism movement. It includes a video, test questions and PPT (see example).  Level ***** [B2/C1] / PPT link in download  Video [09.01]   / MEMBERSHIP 

Another AEUK Listening test…

The Gig Economy – AEUK Test

This is a lecture on the defining the Gig Economy and discussing the positives and negatives of three Gig Economies (AirBnB, Uber and Task Rabbit). It includes a video, test questions and PPT (see example).  Level ***** [B2/C1] PowerPoint  Video [12.14]   / MEMBERSHIP


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