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 Writing a paragraph – Paraphrasing (quotes)

Writing a paragraph

Question: Write a paragraph (150-185 words) on the benefits of globalisation

Use these quotes and write a paragraph (approx 120-180 words) on the benefits of globalisation. Use correct in-text citation and suitable paraphrasing

 ‘Globalisation of business has improved investment in less developed countries thereby making a contribution to local technology, employment and reduction of poverty’ (Smith, 2015, p.21)

‘International Politics has helped to establish International organizations such as the NATO, G8 and the United Nations to spread universal values such as freedom and world peace (Peterson et al., 2013, p.111).

‘The global phenomenon of the Internet has enabled people worldwide to appreciate and learn more about each-others’ cultures and as such a wider understanding, sharing of knowledge and communication has evolved’ (Jackson, 2017, p.34).

Topic sentence

Use this topic sentence to begin the paragraph…

Globalisation has been beneficial to the global community through three important aspects of investment, politics and culture.

Example Paragraph

Look at the paragraph and see how the quotes have been paraphrased.

Globalisation has been beneficial to the global community through three important aspects of investment, politics and culture. The first most important point is that globalization has increased investment and business throughout the world. Smith (2015) highlights that global companies setting up businesses in developed countries is improving technology and creating employment opportunities, and as a result reducing poverty. The second key point is that global political standards are spreading through many countries and creating universal values of freedom and peace (Peterson et al., 2013). Peterson et al (2013) emphasies that key organizations such as NATO, the UN and the G8 are all significant in the reduction of war and stabilising fragile political infrastructures. The final area of importance is the cultural perceptions are changing and improving. Jackson (2017) points out that the Internet has played a significant part in helping the global community to understand and appreciate other culture. It has also improved international communication and the sharing of knowledge. Overall, it could be argued that Globalisation has had a serious impact on the world and brought considerable benefits to the people of most countries.

[185 words]

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Students are given a worksheet with nine quotes taken from The New Scientist, BBC News, The Economist, etc… and choose only three. They use these three quotes to write a paragraph trying to paraphrase the quotes and produce a cohesive piece of writing. Level ***** [B1/B2/C1]   Example  / Webpage link /  TEACHER MEMBERSHIP


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