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Academic English listening & teaching materials PDFs

  • Since we offer non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods we do not issue refunds based on satisfaction. We offer free examples of what we sell giving the customer a true example of content. All sales are final. You are responsible for understanding our refund policy before making a purchase.


  • Please respect the copyright of the material – please don’t share / upload PDFs onto the Internet. This is seen as a breach of contract and membership will be terminated.


  • IP addresses are monitored and restricted to 5 IP addresses only. If this is exceeded then a punishment period of 5 days will be applied. (this is a security breach to prevent passwords and username sharing)


  • PDF downloads are restricted to 5 downloads only – (same reason as above)


  • You can cancel membership subscription at anytime by contact us. However, membership will only expire at the end of month you have paid for.


  • If you have any problems with downloading / seeing PDFs – please contact us. Include your Username.


  • Teachers –  you are welcome to use our materials in class - please leave all logos and web addresses on worksheets - Thank you.. We don't hold the copyright of any TED Talks, HBR videos, BBC 6 Minute English and You Tube lectures. Institutional Copyright of fair use will apply to these lectures.



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