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 Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements

The thesis is really just the main idea, the point you are trying to make in your paper. The thesis statement controls and directs everything you say in the paper. But don't worry! If, as you continue writing, you discover that you are really writing about something entirely different from this original thesis, you can go back and rewrite the thesis so that it connects to the ideas in the paper.

Important points for a thesis statement

1  The main idea, or thesis, should give your readers a clear and specific idea of your topic.

2  The main idea should also include some opinion about the topic.

3  The main idea can be thought of as a one or two sentence summary of the whole writing project.

4  The thesis statement must connect to paper's question

Examples of  basic thesis statements

1. The jury voted for acquital in the Floyd murder case. NO

2. The jury in the Floyd murder case voted wrongly for acquital, because the evidence clearly proved his guilt. YES


1. Many teen-agers drop out of school. NO

2. A large number of teen-agers drop out of high school because teachers do not do enough to make learning interesting. YES


1. Some astronomers do not consider Pluto to be a planet.NO

2. Because it is so small and so distant from the sun, Pluto should not be classified as a planet. YES


1. Duke Ellington was a bandleader, pianist, songwriter and composer. NO

2. Duke Ellington was one of the most important and versatile composers of the 20th Century. YES

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Academic Thesis Statements

This company has paid too much on its internationalization but has not received sufficient return. If this continues, it will result in bankruptcy.


Lenovo have faced intense competition in the computer area. The company needs to focus on the mobile user base to improve its customer base.


This paper will focus on how Starbucks can take the opportunities of growing potential in main Asian market and explore the threats, which is the increasing raw materials' price.


Academic Introduction on Crime


One of the most significant current discussions at the moment is the fall in crime across western countries. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) (2015), from 1981 to 2015 crime has fallen on average by 3% per year with significant declines in robbery, violence and theft. There are many reasons for the decline such as innovation in technology, societal changes and improved security systems. However, the most important rationale is the implementation in the government policies of policing strategies, education and minimum wage policy. This essay will investigate the two main claims and argue that government policy is the main driver for a reduction of crime.

Dissertation Thesis statement


Critical Thinking Skills (CTS) are an essential prerequisite of achieving success at university and therefore has become a fundamental part of the EAP classroom. However, its implementation is problematic in that many teachers are not effective in fostering CTS in their lesson plans, EAP syllabus design fails to acknowledge the importance of CTS on the impact of learning and the majority of students, mostly Asian, are inexperienced in Critical Thinking (CT) and have not learnt to question authority.

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